Coaching, Mentoring, Group Team Bonding

I love being a part of your spiritual and personal growth! I offer my 1:1 coaching and mentoring program to meet you right where you are in your personal or spiritual growth! I will help you to create your own unique and special program. We will decide session by session what we will work on to provide “one of a kind” program just for you!

I also love being a part of collective growth! Whether you are looking to enhance or curate new ideas within your business or design a new program, I assist you with tapping into your own intuition for what feels right for you!

I offer Group & Team Bonding sessions! These sessions can look like a combination of Reiki healing and Tarot/Oracle readings for your team or meditation, pendulum questions and breath work! I’m open to creating a fun and inspirational setting for you and your team. Give your team the gift of bonding and personal growth which can help enhance your business!