Elderberry Syrup (6oz Jar)

This elderberry system is an organic, natural approach to boosting your immunity!

Whether you are feeling “under the weather”, sick with a cold, or that feeling of coming down with something, this elderberry helps to restore and boost your body’s immune system. Take this syrup (really, more like a “juice”) as needed… it is recommended 1-2 times per day preventatively, or 3x per day when sick (in one ounce increments).

*Sweetened with honey, not recommended for children under 1 YEAR of age.* For children older than 1, they’ll love this sweet “healing juice”!

Energy Refresh Mist

These perfect on-the-go (and travel size!) energy refresh mists are perfect for giving you the “pick me up” you need after being around some not-so-great energy (achem… work, family gatherings, crowded places.. you name it.) Give it a spritz around your body, in your space/room and great for your car for those unwanted scents. These are Reiki charged with the intention for cleansing you or your space at the time of need. Feel yourself immediately feel lighter after spraying! Made with 100% Natural essential oils, charged full moon water, sage and mini crystals in each bottle!