Tarot and Oracle Card Readings

The way I like to describe Tarot and Oracle card readings are that they can serve as a guide to a path that you’re on. We have many paths in our lives! A reading can help give you some SUPER specific insight about a path that you’re on. I will typically ask if there is a specific question that you’re coming into the reading with. If there isn’t, no worries! I can help you form an intention. I help provide intuitional messages and insight as well as what the cards are trying to communicate. An important thing to understand about your reading is that there is not some “inevitable fate” or prediction about the future. We are humans with free will, so you can always choose to stay on the path that you are being shown OR… you change it 🙂 !

What’s the difference between Tarot and Oracle/Angel cards?

Tarot cards are a bit more “traditionally” structured. Based off of a traditional Rider-Waite deck -most Tarot decks have 78 cards. The traditional structure and messages are consistent, though the imagery may vary. There is typically a common theme that runs through most cards and decks, whereas Oracle/Angel cards have no common theme. Tarot cards can provide more “detailed” information.

Oracle Cards are free-flowing and can feature almost any type of content or theme, depending on the deck. The number of cards in a deck can range anywhere from 12 or 100 cards! Energetically, Oracle cards hold a lot of “big” energy. They give insight to the greater sense of what’s going on.

We can talk out what type of reading is best for you, and I’m known to “merge” both types of decks in a reading for a really well-rounded reading tailored just for you 🙂